Terms of use

This site, including its mobile version (the "Site"), is designed to assist customers in finding and collecting information about exact times, time zones, travel offers, booking airline tickets and hotels, car rentals, cruises and tours, as well as similar offers from third party travel service providers in determining the availability of travel related services provided by the respective suppliers, their booking and/or purchase, and for no other purpose.

Terms and concepts

The following terms are used in this agreement:

"We", "our", and "Timescanner.pro" refer to the administration of the site.

"You", "User" and "Customer" refer to a user who has visited this Site and/or placed an order for Suppliers' services through this Site, as well as clicked on affiliate links on the Site. The customer is a legally capable natural person who has reached the age of majority in accordance with applicable law and has the legal right to enter into a contractual relationship with Timescanner.pro or third party service or product providers. The Customer shall also include the person named in the Order as the recipient of the services or goods.

"The Order" refers to the Customer's application on the Website or on the partner's website after clicking on the partner link, when booking and paying for the Suppliers' goods or services.

"Hotel" refers to a room in a hotel, hotel, hostel, apartment, villa and other accommodation for the Customer.

"The "Supplier" refers to the person directly providing transportation, car rental, hotel services and other ancillary services, agents of these organizations, as well as the organizations providing the possibility to book and pay for these services with whom Timescanner.pro has entered into an agreement for the provision of these services or an agency contract.

"Reservation system" refers to the information system owned by third parties and containing information about the schedule of flights, availability of seats for flights, carrier tariffs, rules of their application, availability of room funds in accommodation and accommodation facilities, room rates, rules of accommodation and accommodation, rules of provision of rail transportation services, as well as other terms and conditions of provision of services by the Suppliers.

"Agreement" - the terms and conditions governing the relations between the Customer and Timescanner.pro set forth below.

Please read this Agreement carefully. If you do not accept all terms and conditions of this Agreement, do not use this Site and leave it.

As soon as a visitor opens any page of the Site or uses any service of this Site, he or she confirms full and unconditional acceptance of the following terms and conditions, and the Agreement enters into force.

We reserve the right to change and/or amend this Agreement at any time in our sole discretion without prior notice. The Client undertakes to monitor changes in the Agreement on a regular basis. Your continued use of the Site signifies your agreement to any updates and changes that may be made to the Agreement.

Terms of use of the site

Subject to the terms of use of this Site, you acknowledge that:

  • you have reached the age of majority, you are legally capable, legally capable, legally entitled to enter into a contractual relationship with Timescanner.pro and will use the Site in accordance with this Agreement;
  • all information provided by you is true, accurate, current and complete; when booking and purchasing Suppliers' services for third parties on whose behalf you are entitled to carry out these activities, you must inform these persons of all the terms, conditions and selected services, as well as of any possible changes related to the booking/purchase made;
  • when booking and purchasing Suppliers' services for yourself and/or others, you agree not to duplicate bookings and orders;
  • assume all commercial risks (payment of fines, agent's fees, making new orders for Suppliers' services, etc.) when using the Site.

The Client confirms and guarantees that he is acquainted, understands and agrees with:

  • requirements to the documents necessary for booking, payment and use of the Suppliers' services, and undertakes to provide their preparation independently;
  • rules and conditions of the Suppliers' services;
  • rules of border (customs) control (regime);
  • rules for servicing bank products and other means of payment used for payment for the Suppliers' services.
  • In order to place an order on the Website, the User shall register on the Website, in case of absence of registration "Timescanner.pro" shall register the User automatically when placing an order by the User. You confirm that when registering or placing an order without authorization, you provide the correct e-mail address and/or phone number and have full access to the specified data. 

Timescanner.pro is not responsible for incorrect information provided by the User. After placing an Order on the Timescanner.pro website or on the Supplier's website, the Customer is obliged to check the correspondence of the data provided by him and the Order details to the information specified in the Supplier's booking documents during the day of placing the Order. In case of any discrepancies, the Customer is obliged to immediately notify the Supplier's support service of such discrepancies.

The Customer hereby instructs Timescanner.pro to represent its interests before the Suppliers for the purpose of interacting in the ordering process and further communicating on matters which Timescanner.pro has assumed in accordance with this agreement. 

When registering on the Timescanner.pro website, it automatically remembers the Customer's unique e-mail address, which will be used when placing the order or passed on to third party suppliers. The Customer instructs the processing of the information received at this address in order to ensure the provision of services in a timely and high-quality manner. Legal issues, claims, requests for compensation and other issues that require or may require direct interaction of the Customer with a third party supplier are solved by the Customer himself/herself.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse access to the Site and the services we offer, including, but not limited to, in the event of violations of this Agreement, at any time and without explanation.

Any suggestions or questions regarding these Terms of Use should be reported in the contact section of Timescanner.pro. The current Privacy Policy is available at https://timescanner.pro/privacy_policy

Updated "18" September 2019.