About Timescanner.pro

Timescanner is an international team of people passionate about technology and travel from the USA, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and Canada. We create a digital platform 

With Timescanner, you can:

  • know the exact time at more than 11,000,000 points around the world
  • to compare time in different cities and countries
  • use the calendar to plan your travels
  • find out when sunrise and sunset in the selected cities
  • determine your time zone and compare it with others
  • to clarify the latitude and longitude
  • to find out how many people are in the selected city
  • fee information about the country or city
  • buy a ticket or book a hotel
  • rent a car or find entertainment
  • to go on a cruise or pick a restaurant
  • choose an excursion or learn about interesting places

Timescanner is optimized for tablets and mobile devices and looks great on them, consuming minimum traffic.

Timescanner shows you the time in our robot's automatic location, and you can also select your own location.

Warning and Disclaimer

Timescanner is one of the most accurate sources of time and up-to-date information for travelers. However, we make no warranties and you use the information provided by Timescanner at your own risk. The information may be outdated and if you find any inaccuracy or error, please contact us!